BDSW Honors Kötter Security Employees

Oktober 24, 2021 Off By bloggerin

The manager of the Kötter branch in Mannheim was appointed by the BDSW for his targeted and prudent intervention was recognized, through which worse could be prevented in the event of a physical attack on a young woman in Mannheim.

Prize winner Christian Wenzel, who has been 2000 is employed in different functions at Kötter Protection and has passed away training to become a master for protection and security, thanked the Federal Association and the Court for the employee award Pass away awards underscore that dedication to others is also recognized by society. From Wenzel’s point of view, this is extremely important to further promote moral courage.


Kötter security employee saves woman and is honored for this by the BDSW

The incident for which Wenzel was honored and on the basis of which the police and judiciary investigated the attacker for attempted homicide occurred on an early evening in May 2019 as follows: Immediately in front of the Kötter Security branch in Mannheim, Wenzel noticed a loud argument between a young woman and a man of about the same age. To be able to assess the scenario exactly, emergency room initially observed the course carefully for a few minutes. When the dispute escalated more and more, the hostile man pulled the woman behind a truck trailer and began to choke, it was clear to him: Now I have to intervene.

On the way to the crime scene, an alarm was raised room parallel to the police and also called an ambulance. Together with an employee, emergency room then resolutely jumped to the side of the young woman. Despite massive resistance from the attacker, it was possible to dissuade him from the woman. The perpetrator was initially able to tear himself away and flee on a bicycle. Due to the manhunt initiated immediately, however, emergency room was arrested by the police a short time later. Meanwhile, Wenzel and his colleague waited for the ambulance to arrive and took care of the injured woman who was in shock until then.

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