BDSW Mourns Honorary President Rolf Wackerhagen

Oktober 15, 2021 Off By bloggerin

The BDSW and its over 1. 000 Member companies mourned their honorary president Rolf Wackerhaben, said the President of the BDSW, Gregor Lehnert. Wackerhaben have 29 Volunteers in various functions in the association for nine years, including nine years as President.

Wackerhagen appointed honorary president of the BDSW

From 1970 until 1985 Wackerhagen was chairman of the BDSW state group Schleswig-Holstein. 1986 he became the first vice president of the association before he 1995 was elected President in Saarbrücken became. He held this office until 2004. He was then appointed Honorary President.

In addition to his association work, Wackerhagen was primarily involved in the committees of the administrative professional association (VBG) in Hamburg. From 1974 he was for many years on the board of the VBG. In his active time he was also a member of the committees for finance, prevention, execution and construction matters.

Wackerhagen’s numerous voluntary activities also included participation in the first German Council for Crime Prevention. This was 1992 from the then interior minister of the country Schleswig-Holstein, Professor Hans Peter Bull. In addition, the deceased was an honorary judge at the social court in Kiel and then in the first senate at the regional social court in Schleswig. Above 25 Years he was also honorary chairman of the examination committee in the vocational training for office clerks at the IHK in Kiel.


At the 20. December 1999 Wackerhagen was awarded the Cross of Merit by the Federal President on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany awarded. Dr. Harald Olschok, managing director and executive board member of the BDSW, the deceased.

Rolf Wackerhagen will be kept an honorable memory. You sympathize with his wife and children, said President Lehnert in conclusion.