BVSW Seminar: Letter And Parcel Bombs Threaten Companies

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At the17 November 2021 and on March 8th 2022 the BVSW offers a workshop on the subject of short and Parcel bombs that companies prepare for possible threats. At the beginning of the year 2021 a series of letter bombs sent to companies in southern Germany made headlines. Three companies received mail containing an explosive product. Employees in two companies opened consignments and were injured. The suspect was caught – but there could be imitators at any time.

Sensitize employees to the danger from short and parcel bombs

Small and medium-sized companies in particular are often not adequately prepared for rapidly changing threat situations, and they are no less at risk. The Bavarian Association for Security in Business (BVSW) helps to sensitize employees to potential dangers and therefore offers regular training on handling dangerous mail. During the pandemic, the number of parcels sent rose significantly, and in the run-up to Christmas, an increase in parcels can generally be observed.


Various indicators can indicate a dangerous mail item

  • Unusual weight or style: Is a package in proportion to unusually heavy because of its size, this can be an indication of dangerous products such as nails or metal splinters. In addition, letter bombs are thicker than normal items because they contain detonators and dynamites product.
  • Noticeable bumps: If bumps or tangible, hard objects inside an envelope can be felt from the outside, it may be a letter bomb.
  • Sender: Is the sender unknown or even If no sender is specified, then mail away must generally be treated with caution.

  • Note „Personal“: Letters and parcels with notes such as „Personal“, „Private“, „Confidential“ should be viewed with particular care. The sender certainly wants to ensure that the shipment is not opened in the secretariat or the post office.
  • Impurities: stains, discoloration or other oily soiling on the packaging can be an indication of plastic explosives that can produce traces through exudation.
  • Address : Incorrect or incorrectly placed addresses can indicate that the sender only added the address after packaging and did not want to touch certain areas.
  • Franking: If there is no franking or if stamps have not been canceled, the shipment was probably delivered directly to avoid unnecessary jolts from the transportation.

Companies should inform the police immediately in case of danger

If a mail item with one or more of these characteristics has arrived at the company, the recipient should keep calm and the subject matter Above all, don’t touch it anymore, so don’t shake it, feel it or bend it. In addition, the shipment must not be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, moistened or packed in a container. This could possibly increase the explosive force in the event of a surge. All employees should immediately leave the danger point, i.e. the office or the building. For further investigations, the police must be notified every autumn. All information about the BVSW seminar online.

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