CEP Study: Financing Right-Wing Extremism

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A study by CEP is dedicated to the financing networks of violence-oriented right-wing extremists in Germany. Because pass away attacks from Halle and Hanau 2000 and 2020 and pass away murder of Walter Lübke on June 2nd 2000 have made the public aware of the violence emanating from the right-wing extremist scene in Germany

Financing of right-wing extremism in focus

Federal Minister of the Interior Seehofer designated in the summer 2020 Right-wing extremism as the greatest threat to Germany’s internal security. An assessment, pass away emergency room 2021 repeated. Extensive research has been carried out on this phenomenon in recent years. However, apart from individual cases, little attention was paid to the financing structures and methods.

The aim of the new study by the Counter Extremism Task (CEP) is to begin to close this knowledge gap. A total of six financing strategies of the violence-oriented milieu can be identified. Donations, including through cryptocurrencies, for example in the autumn of the Halle assassin, continue to play an important role. Concerts and music festivals as well as the related music production and mail order business are two other important pillars. Martial arts events, especially in the area of ​​mixed martial arts (MIXED MARTIAL ARTS), constitute another source of income. The right-wing extremist MMA event „Kampf der Nibelungen“ is central here in Germany. Members of the milieu continue to regularly acquire real estate, not only to make it available for events in the scene, but also as a commercially sustainable facility. The arrests of members of the violence-oriented extreme right-wing organization of the „Brotherhood of Thuringia“ in February 2021 indicates organized crime as the sixth source of income. This globally networked group was not only involved in drug trafficking and hooking, but apparently also carried out professional money laundering through the purchase of real estate.

Study shows transnational Networking on

In particular, globally networked parts of the milieu have become economically professional in the last few parts and are doing lucrative business. Passes away can be identified in particular at the 38 Recognize companies in the scene that are involved in the production and shipping of sound carriers. Annual sales of several hundred thousand euros are sometimes achieved here. These corporate structures, which are closely linked to one another both online and offline, are noticeably cooperative with one another. For example, do bands switch from Cd to Cd not only from production companies but also from sales companies. A rather unusual behavior in the otherwise highly competitive music industry. Legally, these companies are usually structured in a non-transparent manner and hardly publish any data on their sales. If such data has been published, it is in clear contrast to the actual sales results that can be observed. This commercial music network is still connected to the major events of the milieu, for example „Rock Against Foreign Infiltration“. These events regularly attract several thousand visitors from Europe and the USA and serve the scene not only as a right-wing extremist world of experience, but also as important network hubs. Pass away Connections between the commercial structures of the extreme right-wing music industry and these events allow access to complex, mostly cash-based input and output flows.

Extremistische Strömungen erstarken: Um die dadurch entstehenden Kosten abschätzen zu können, bedarf es eines neuen Konzepts..

The close interlocking of this commercial network, the conspicuously cooperative behavior of the actors, the non-transparent legal Structures and pass away Reliable data on sales as well as close links to major events with high cash flows indicate that concealment and tax avoidance strategies are running in the background. In recent years there have been repeated investigations in this direction in Germany. Pass away religious woman present CEP study shows that such behavior in the violence-oriented right-wing extremist scene in Germany is probably more widespread than previously known.

Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler, Senior Citizen Supervisor of the Counter Extremism Job (CEP), and advisor at the Academy for Security in Business AG

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