Grant IT Authorizations Securely And Easily

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The provider of security technology PKE with company headquarters in Vienna and branches in fairy Countries, knows the issue of the allocation of IT authorizations only for digestive tract. Since appropriate access rights are difficult to control with the standard tools of the operating system, the IT department is looking for a device with which file server authorizations can be assigned more easily.

During my own research, guy on pass away identification gain access to administration software program „Significantly“ from the manufacturer of the same name from Austria. Pass away IAM solution supports companies in the administration of access rights and user accounts After a supervised evaluation phase, in which the PKE Holding AG usage instances that were planned to be passed away could be successfully mapped, Significantly was acquired through Bechtle GmbH Systemhaus Österreich and produk tively implemented.

Secure IT authorization assignment through Information Proprietor

The pass away software program was then gradually rolled out in the company’s departments. Pass away data officers in every department were given the opportunity to make changes to the authorizations in their area of ​​responsibility themselves via the user-friendly web interface from Significantly. Approvals can also be processed without going through an IT administrator, which speeds up minor adjustments considerably.

Significantly in the background automatically ensures correct technical implementation of all access rights, such as the granting of privileges via pass away Membership in groups (role-based gain access to control). Problems with existing users and authorizations can be quickly identified using a dedicated control panel and resolved with just one click. Today almost all changes to authorizations in the group are cleared and traceable via Significantly.

Labor savings in administration and coverage

Working time savings in IT could not only be achieved through the simpler assignment of authorizations: thanks to the included reporting tools, data officers have the opportunity to register to provide an overview of access structures within seconds. Significantly generates easily understandable reports at the push of a button, in which it is clearly summarized which employees can access data in the area of ​​responsibility of the respective Information Proprietor.

With the help of these reports, existing authorizations from the PKE will in future be updated on a regular basis Inspected at intervals and checked to ensure that it is up-to-date. With Significantly, automatic notifications can also be set for this so-called „recertification“, which facilitate the implementation of the necessary processes. All changes to the access rights, regardless of whether they are renewed or removed, are again documented completely and independently.

Data protection & information security

It is obvious that security is very important to an expert for technical building equipment and access solutions. Here, too, Significantly was able to convince through the advantages of a clear authorization concept, which helps to protect IT resources from unauthorized access An automated IAM solution reduces both the risk of incorrect and superfluous authorizations and the administrative effort in the I T.

„Since we have been using Significantly, our file server authorizations have been assigned much more efficiently and clearly,“ says André Titz, who is responsible for the operation of Significantly at PKE Holding AG. “By investing in this IAM solution, we were able to further improve our internal security. The protection of IT systems is particularly important to us. „

Further combination and automation

Pass away implementation of the originally sought functions could be implemented quickly However, it is far from exhausted. As the next step, religious woman will also map the user lifecycle process using Significantly. Pass-away recording of staff entries, changes (e.g. change of department or parental leave) and exits can be standardized and automated using workflows. Guy also speaks of joiner-mover-leaver processes.

“Through the pass away user-friendly operation and pass away digestive tract structured admin interface of the software program ko We could configure the system to meet our needs in the best possible way with little effort. Pass away implementation of the next steps makes our IT operations even more secure and efficient, „says André Titz, who is optimistic about the future. Functions used by PKE Holding AG are included in the Significantly Basics version. About Significantly Basics 365 In addition, authorization management in Microsoft cloud services such as MS and Azure advertisement possible. Pass Away Version Tenfold Venture offers the full range of functions of the IAM software and allows assimilation of numerous third-party systems such as SAP, IBM Notes or Jira.

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