Gretsch-Unitas Cancels Fensterbau Frontale In 2022

November 14, 2021 Off By bloggerin

Gretsch-Unitas justifies the cancellation of the fensterbau Frontale 2022 with the high proportion of international customers. Male is a global company, so the proportion of foreign visitors to Fensterbau is traditionally very high, according to a current press release. “Due to the difficult scenario, our customers and visitors from Germany and abroad will not take part in the trade fair to the usual extent. We expect significantly fewer contact options. Therefore, the GU group religious woman decided to cancel participation in the – for GU very important – fair.


Grtesch-Unitas plans customer events to replace window construction frontals

„Pass away partly different hygiene concepts of the countries currently leave little scope for planning in which we can receive and advise our customers and exchange ideas as we do would like to. For us, a trade fair is more than just a showcase of the products „, says Armin Wanka, Sales Manager at GU / BKS in Ditzingen.

Alternatively, GU plans for 2022 numerous regional and international face-to-face events with and with customers and partners. Still in November 2021 becomes a 1000 sqm display room inaugurated, which will offer customers, partners and associations additional space for events.

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