Hybrid Solutions From An Analog System And IP Cameras

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An example of a hybrid Monitoring system consisting of analogue and new digital IP cameras is the liquefied natural gas plant of Dragon LNG in Wales, UK. Since the handling of liquefied natural gas is dangerous due to its high flammability, liquefied natural gas is received, stored and regasified in only two locations in the UK. During this activity, a surveillance system is used, consisting of analog PTZ surveillance cameras, which transmit data via single-core multimode glass fiber with the help of modulators, which enable analog-to-glass fiber conversion.

Hybrid solution as a consequence of existing systems

When several cameras had to be replaced, Criminal activity & Fire, the Turnkey solution provider at Dragon LNG to find a drop-in replacement. It was not possible to replace with analog cameras, since the industry had developed further to digital IP-based cameras. An upgrade to an IP-based surveillance system had to be made, but due to budget constraints and the fact that many of the analog cameras still had a long lifespan, passes away had to be done gradually.

Media converter brings analog system and IP cameras together

After new IP cameras were purchased, installed Criminal activity & Fire Perle media converters to bridge connectivity between the copper Ethernet interface and the single-core multimode fiber optic surveillance network. By setting up the Perle media converter, new IP cameras could be integrated into the existing surveillance system. For the time being, new cameras will be operated together with the existing analog cameras. This hybrid installation is flexible and scalable, which means that additional IP cameras can be added gradually.

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